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PORN: Women watch? Damages men? (video)

Seth Auberon, Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, CC Liu (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly;; BBC Advice; Malik Mohsin (Facebook Live/
Pornhub conducts statistical analyses of popular views by region (
"'Stop'? Are you kidding, I wasn't even getting started. The Internet is down." - "I know, it's what I mean. You gotta stop watching that stuff and take care of business in REAL life." (WQ)

Newsbeat documentaries: [Women] brought up on porn
Men and women brought up on porn.
…A generation has grown up with easy access to every type of online porn any time they want it. Men, women, and a couple take a frank, detailed look at the impact this is having… How has porn changed what...
    Is porn damaging to men's health? (LIVE)
    Advice: Porn (STRONG CONTENT!) - suggestions from freewheeling England (BBC)

    Malik Mohsin
    (BBC, Aug. 15, 2016) Is porn damaging to men's health? According to a top NHS psychosexual therapist, online or Internet porn is causing erectile dysfunction (ED) in young men. Newsbeat's Hannah Moore is joined by Josh, who says porn helps people learn about sex, and former "porn addict" Bethany McDonald. Ask your questions in the comments. #FacebookLive
      NewsHour: Young men DAMAGED by porn…Excessive online porn and sexual dysfunction (such as ED or "erectile dysfunction," which can be psychological and/or physiological); Trump's latest speech; how safe are Tazers? 

      "I'm 31 and a virgin because I'm addicted to porn" …Jim is 31 and a recovering porn "addict" who says porn has stopped him from functioning "normally." He's been telling Newsbeat about the devastating effect it has had on him after he began searching for more… 

      Brought up on Porn: What you've been telling us …after watching porn. Psychosexual therapist Angela Gregory says more men in their late teens and early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Increasingly porn is being consumed via smartphones… 

      "I was watching porn two or three times a day" …she became addicted and was unable to have relationships because of it. Watch Newsbeat's documentary, "Brought up on Porn," on the BBC YouTube channel. The Victoria Derbyshire program is broadcast on... 

      Best of Today: How viewing PORN damages the sex lives of young men…Men under the age of 25 are risking their sexual health by watching hours of pornography on the internet every day. Paula Hall, is from the Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction... 

      Easy access to online porn is "damaging" men's health, says NHS therapistPorn, on Radio 1's iPlayer page: "There was nothing that would give me a kick. Normal stuff didn't do anything any more, so I had to get more and more extreme material. "[It was] disturbing stuff…

      "Buddhism and the Body" (Hsi Lai lectures)

      Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Prof. Lewis Lancaster (

      A rare opportunity to learn about one the most foundational aspects of the Bodhisattva Way with a distinguished Buddhist scholar
      Presenter: Dr. Lewis R. Lancaster
      Professor emeritus, UC Berkeley Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures; adjunct professor, University of the West, Los Angeles.
      Lecture Description:
      Buddhist texts and doctrines are often directed toward the human body. This involves the nature and makeup of the body; the way in which the body develops from conception to birth; rebirth in relationship to the physical body; the mind/brain as an aspect of the body; and the shifts that occur with advanced stages of meditation.
      Human bodies differ (Daily Mail)
      In addition, Buddhist monastics have often been medical practitioners and they work with the body in ways that are current in their local culture with adaptations from Buddhist teachings.
      It is in and through the body that Buddhist practice takes place. The course is aimed at providing students with the information found in the full range of canonical texts as they explain and describe the body within the religious tradition.  

      Lecture Sessions:
      Aug 26 - 28 [POSTPONED] Sep 30 - Oct 2 Nov 4 - 6 Dec 9 - 11 Fridays to Sundays Friday 6 - 9pm Saturday 9am - 12pm Sunday 9am - 12pm with additional hours TBA
      Register Online: 
      Click Here
      Meeting Room, Hsi Lai Temple, 3456 Glenmark Drive
      Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 (626) 961-9697 More

      Brief History of Los Angeles' Native Americans

      Rosanne Welch, History Dept., Claremont U.; Xochitl, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
      Los Angeles as viewed from Kenneth Hahn State Rec Area, Jan. 3, 2010 (BDS2006)

      A Brief History of the Tongva Tribe: The Native Inhabitants of the Lands of the Puente Hills Preserve
      The flag of Los Angeles (Mysid)
      TOVANGER* (now "Los Angeles"), California - While several bands of Indians [Native Americans] are thought to have traversed the lands now comprising the Puente Hills Preserve, these lands, once known by the name Awing-na (or Ahwiinga), served as the major homeland of the Tongva Indians.

      Historically, the tribe has also been known as the Gabrielinos because of the [forced] incorporation of much of their population into [the Catholic Church's] Mission San Gabriel in the late eighteenth century.

      Because [invading] Spanish missionaries imposed that name upon them, it carries negative connotations to many in the tribe today. So descendants have reverted to using their original name (Note 1).
      • *Tovanger: Mark Frank Acuna. A Journey to Tovanger (A Journey to the World), a paper presented as part of the “Natural History of Urban Southern California: Lectures and Excursions” Series, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden (Claremont, California), Spring 1999 (Photocopy of author’s typescript in Special Collections, Honnold/Mudd Library at the Claremont Colleges).
      • 1: Kuruvugna: A Place Where We Are in the Sun: The Bulletin of the Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation. Winter Issue, 2005.
      Tovanger (the "Tongva World") today
      This paper...seeks to understand who the Tongva were before contact with [colonizing, enslaving] Europeans and what they became in the two distinct periods immediately after contact, the Mission Era and the era right after secularization of the former Mission lands.

      Following the Tongva Nation** in these periods demonstrates how important the Puente Hills Preserve lands were for the tribe during eras of great loss, transition and, finally, adaptation.
      • **[Territory: Tovanger like Los Angeles County extended out to the Channel Islands in the west (San Nicolas), the Angeles National Forest and Malibu Beach, where the neighboring Chumash and Tataviam Nations begin and extend into modern Ventura County, in the north, San Bernardino to the east, and Orange County, land of the Acjachemen (Juaneño) to the south].
      Tovanger: aerial photo of Los Angeles Basin bordered by the San Gabriel Mountains (TP)
      Disney, Inc. fantasy: Pocahontas
      Understanding more of the history of the Tongva shows how important the tribe was to the survival of the Spanish missionaries [who worked hand in hand with the Spanish military in subjugating, conquering, and ethnically cleansing the Native peoples] and to the success of the ranch owners who followed them.

      They were so important that it is possible that an additional mission, now mostly lost to history, was once erected in La Puente by rancher William Workman for use by his Tongva servants/employees (2).
      • 2: This concept comes from a reading of the 1855 Public Survey Map of the Workman Ranchero from the files of the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum Archives. On this map there is a clear notation of a mission on the grounds, yet no mission is in the records. Collections Manager Paul R. Spitzzeri considers it to be either the notation of a planned mission never built or the mistake of a surveyor who considered the Workman Family Chapel as part of the mission property.
      Though one distinct tribe inhabited the land of the Preserve (Puente Hills), scholars have extensively studied three distinct periods of t at tribe’s habitation:
      1. native life and culture before contact with Europeans
      2. changes encountered during the period of the Spanish Missions
      3. and the period following the secularization of the missions when those native peoples who had survived found employment on what became the Workman/Rowl and Rancho.
      Dunbar-Ortiz (
      To illuminate Tongva life and culture during each of these periods [the author has] chosen to provide profiles of several individual members of the tribe, because individual lives can so compellingly illustrate the attitudes and experiences of the group as a whole.

      For most information about the Tongva, previous historians have relied heavily on the writings of two white men: More

      Los Angeles turns 235-years-old (walk)

      Xochitl, Crystal Quintero, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;; Leo Duran (KPCC FM);;

      Celebrate L.A. Heritage Walk on Aug. 27th 
      Heritage Walk by foot/bike, SG to DTLA
      Each year community members, officials, and local ancestors of the original settlers of Los Angeles, Los Pobladores ["the townspeople"], walk from the San Gabriel Mission in the City of San Gabriel to Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles.
      The walk/bike ride begins at the historic San Gabriel Mission, heads west along Mission Road for 9 miles, then ends in DTLA's El Pueblo’s Plaza Park. The trek takes about 3 hours to complete.
      Battle: When beings came down from heaven in Los Angeles, the military fired at them.
      City of Los Angeles viewed from Kenneth Hahn State Rec Area, Jan. 3, 2010 (BDS2006)
      Once everyone reaches Plaza Park, there will be a birthday celebration to commemorate the 235th birthday of Los Angeles, which is actually called Tovanger ("the World of the Tongva" who were massacred, ethnically cleansed, and renamed Gabrieleños after the mountains they were chased into).
      Mother Mary in nativity scene, France
      The area was renamed by the Spanish invaders: El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula," which translates as "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of the Porciúncula River." The celestial "queen" refers to the revered Kwan Yin-figure Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mary.
      • CALENDAR ( Trek begins at San Gabriel Mission, heads west along Mission Road to Plaza Park. Festivities include special presentations at El Pueblo Historical Monument and the Pico House and preview of the new “Gateway to Nature Center.” Trekkers meet at 6:00 am, bikers at 7:30 am at the Mission. Participation is FREE. Registration available on morning of event. Bike participants must be at least 12-y.o., helmets required.
      The festivities will include special presentations at El Pueblo Historical Monument and the Pico House as well as a preview of the new “Gateway to Nature Center.”
      100 million pre-invasion Natives lived here.
      Walkers meet at 6:00 am, bikers at 7:30 a.m. at the San Gabriel Mission. Participation is free. Registration will be available on the morning of the event at the Mission. Bike participants must be at least 12 years old. Helmets are required.

      The event is sponsored by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, the City of San Gabriel, San Gabriel Mission, El Pueblo de Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles, Los Pobladores 200, LADOT Bike Program, LA County Bicycle Coalition, and Eastside Bicycle Club.

      Go Topless Day, Venice Beach: Aug. 28 (video) TV; Ashley Wells, Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
      Why should I have to wear this restrictive bikini garment? (
      Not yet, doggy, it's not Sunday yet. But one day, like this Sunday, we can be free.
      Okinawa, Japan - Spiritual leader "Maitreya Rael," inspiration for Go Topless Day, addresses women around the world on the importance of equal topless rights to change the world.

      Sullen teenagers like Vladimir love it.
      Go Topless Day always falls at the Sunday closest to Women's Equality Day, which is today, August 26th.

      On August 26, 1920 women finally won the right to vote on the basis of gender equality. In 1971, the U.S. Congress gave the day national recognition naming it "Women's Equality Day."

      The U.S. president or POTUS is summoned to commemorate this day every year.

      So it is logical that Go Topless Day demonstration, which are celebrations depending on their legal status in various cities across the nation, would fall close to Women's Equality Day.

      Topless bodypainting for men and women, Burning Man 2015 (

      Katy Perry in gold bra
      The right for women to go topless as men enjoy is based on gender equality, just as everyone's right to vote once was.

      This Sunday (August 28) people in cities around the world are invited to stand up for women's right to go topless in public if they choose.

      Please contact GoTopless if you organize an event in your area to be listed on the "Boob Map." (See the legal map in the topless laws section to see the status of going topless status in all states across the country or call the local District Attorney to find out). More + Boob Map

      FEMEN: topless feminist protests
      Boobs bring attention to human rights issues. FEMEN topless activist surprises reptilian Vladimir Putin of Russia/Crimea; he gives her the hypnotic "evil eye" (

      Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi visits China

      Associated Press (;; CC Liu, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
      Burma's State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi visits China as the two countries pledge to forge closer ties as "blood brothers" following the Burmese leader's visit to Beijing, her first diplomatic trip since taking power in March (Li Yibo/Xinhua via AP).
      China, Burma vow closer ties as Suu Kyi visits Beijing
      BEIJING - China and Burma (renamed "Myanmar" by the military dictatorship) said Saturday that they have pledged to forge closer ties as "blood brothers," as Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi got set to wrap up a visit to Beijing, her first diplomatic trip since taking power in March.
      At the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Emperor Qin Shihuang in Xi'an in northwestern China's Shaanxi Province, Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016.
      ) The neighboring countries also said in a joint statement that they would strengthen trade and cooperation on issues along the border, where fighting between Burmese government forces and rebels have occasionally spilled over.

      There was no mention of progress, however, on a stalled $3.6 billion dam project in northern Burma primarily funded by Chinese energy interests, which was a key concern during the visit.
      China has been on a diplomatic charm offensive in the past year toward its fast-growing neighbor, while Burma under Suu Kyi has shown a willingness to embrace its top trading partner and major investor.
      The five-day visit, concluding Sunday, is the second trip to China within 15 months for Suu Kyi, who was imprisoned for more than a decade by Burma's former Beijing-backed military junta.

      Suu Kyi has indicated that she will seek more balanced relations with China and the United States compared to Burma's previous government, headed by President Thein Sein, who initiated political reforms and built ties with Washington.

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